Access Bars and Children

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While fairly new to Canada, Access Bars exists in over 120 countries worldwide, with hundreds of practitioners facilitating change by gently touching The Bars that are located around the head. These 32 bars of energy connect to different aspects of life and practitioners are very aware that the electromagnetic component of every idea, thought, decision, belief, or attitude live in these points.

Humans function from thoughts, feelings, and emotions and Access Bars is about unlocking the polarity (right vs wrong/good vs bad). Polarity is what prevents us from seeing things for what they really are and thus limits our ability to change and adapt. Think of how many times in a day a child hears that is wrong/that is right, that is good/that is bad, etc.

Children are very receptive to energy work and as a result can receive the same benefits as an adult in half the time. Because children do not have years of accumulated emotional baggage they are able to release and clear energy blocks much easier. An adult Access Bars session lasts approximately 60 – 80 minutes; however a child can respond in 10 to 30 minutes. An Access Bars session for a child is dictated by how much or as little energy as the child requires. With over 20 years of early childhood experience I believe that children are more cooperative to new ideas when they feel they are an active participant in the process. Allowing them to receive only the amount of energy they are open to receiving increases the opportunity of them returning for another session.

Parents report that children, as a rule, feel happier after having their Bars Run and are able to cope much better at school and at home. Adults and children alike report an improved sense of peace, ease, space and calm. As with adults who receive Access Bar, children know intuitively when they need to schedule a Bars session and will generally ask their parents for a return visit.

Bars Facilitator and Chiropractor Dr. David Biddle decided to make Access Bars accessible to children, who were failing in a Spanish school system, to see if running their Bars would make a difference. With the help of several Access Bars practitioners, the team administered, to each child, five Bars sessions which lasted a half hour each. The results were amazing and according to Dr. Biddle, “…one little boy who was very rough in school and well known for beating everybody up, changed overnight”. Dr. Biddle was encouraged by the positive changes parents noticed with their children after they had their Bars Run. For example

  • bullies stopped hurting other children
  • children experienced improved test scores
  • children involved in competitive sports noticed improved athletic abilities
  • children suffering from headaches noticed a reduction or elimination of symptoms
  • children with high levels of anxiousness demonstrated a reduction of anxiety, tension, worries, anxiety, & stress
  • children who had struggled to focus were more centered
  • parents witnessed improved sleep patterns in their children
  • teachers witnessed improved peer relations
  • in general outbursts decreased
  • children improved concentration in their studying, especially if Access Bars was received before an exam.


As an Access Bars practitioner I am encouraged by the positive results I am seeing with my clients. Children, who are currently experiencing high levels of anxiety in school, can also benefit from having their Bars Run. An Access Bars session supports a child’s brain to operate more proficiently, allowing them to receive and retain information with greater ease.

The best way to evaluate if Access Bars is for you is to experience a session for yourself.