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Chances are if you are visiting this website there is a strong probability that your heart is broken. It could be the result of the death of someone close to you, a divorce, or one of the other 40+ reasons individuals grieve.

Regardless of what has brought you here, you know how you feel. While we will not tell you how to feel we will provide a safe and confidential environment along with tools to help you recover from the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by loss.

According to the Grief Recovery Institute not being able to move beyond your grief does not indicate that there is something wrong with you but rather that you have been trying to recover from your grief using misinformation.

The Grief Recovery Method® is an action program that addresses incomplete communications. To date it has transformed the lives of thousands. It is the completion of pain caused by loss that allows you to let go and move on.

This is not therapy or counseling but rather a powerful dynamic experience that creates long term benefits.

The Grief Recovery Method® is for anyone who has experience a change in a familiar pattern of behaviour or a loss. It is never too soon to begin.

Recovery from loss is achieved by a series of small and correct choices made by the griever.” The Grief Recovery Method.

Do you know the history behind the 5 stages of grief?


Are you aware of the 6 myths of grief?


Are you familiar with the 141 unhelpful words said to a grieving person?


Do you believe that grief is the result of a broken heart not a broken mind?

Take your first step to overcoming grief and start regaining your true happiness today.

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