Tammy Adams Grief Counselor and Recovery Specialist

Tammy Adams Grief Recovery Specialist and CounselorHi, I’m Tammy Adams, certified grief support and recovery specialist.

Intuitive Understanding was founded to support people just like you who are ready for change. The fact that you have visited this site means that you are doing some looking around for help – let’s see if we might be a good match.

When I talk about ‘grief’, I do so from a place of personal experience. I had a challenging childhood. The patterns that I learned in childhood, I went on to replicate in my working life. Trust me, those sentences allude to decades of carrying the real burdens of grief.

There came a point when I had no more interest in continuing to live with insecurities, sadness and grief. I took these challenges and did two things:

The first is that I became a life-long searcher, looking for the tools that would help me move into a happier, more positive, and empowered life.

The second move was to create a career in grief counseling that nurtured others as they tried new avenues.

For over 30 years, I have taught children and adults, provided education supports, training and coaching in the corporate and educational worlds. You could say that my focus has been on “helping people move towards their desired futures” through grief therapy.

The great thing about us as humans, is that we keep trying to ‘finish the story’. You will know when you find yourself in the same situation over and over again … and you just don’t know how to stop it.

Many of my clients share the feeling of “being stuck”. My ultimate goal was to find a way to deal with life more effectively, for all of us.

The Grief Recovery Method

I was so delighted to find The Grief Recovery Method. The Grief Recovery Institute provided what I needed to successfully support others. In my training, I participated in the program myself, as it’s always important to be able to understand the experience for others. After my own decades of work, I still found that more positive results were possible, so I feel truly confident about sharing it with my clients.

Have you ever seen pictures of hikers trekking up mountains in the Himalayas? It looks tough, people loaded down with packs and trying to breathe at high altitudes. I also remember the pictures of the amazing Sherpas, the wise people who act as guides and support in sharing the load – those were the people who got the hikers to those amazing peaks and back home safely. They were invaluable because they had climbed the path themselves and could find the safest, trustworthy route.

The Need for Grief Support

Carrying grief is a little like strapping a big pack on your own back – whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a job, a beloved family pet, the impact of PTSD or any other loss – it weighs us down.

I would be honoured to be your guide as a grief support specialist. The path is much easier when there is someone alongside you to share the load, point out the easier steps along your own path and cheer you on.

Please feel welcome to contact me for a chat to see if, together, we might be good fit at tdadams@rogers.com or 519-209-1986.

In addition to The Grief Recovery Method, over the years, I have filled a large toolbox with effective, how-to resources to support people, from boosting confidence in their own skills (which are usually many) to learning to pay attention to what they really want and finding the strength to take their first steps forward. Longing to get ‘unstuck’ is what most of my clients have in common.

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