Bring Yourself to Work eBook

Bring Yourself to Work & Enjoy the Work You Choose Workbook

It is like having your own personal career coach.

The intention of this manual is to assist individuals to discover their own personal destiny. Whether it is a phrase that sparks the connection, a quote, or an exercise, each of you will find your path in your own way.

Bring Yourself to Work explores the relationship between perception and achievement, supplies tools for tapping into your personal motivators in order to move through the change process.

It provides exercises for discovering your gifts and identifying your preferences and facilitates your next step in making the right connection.

This manual is your springboard for success.
Discover your light and then share it with the world
That is what you were meant to do.

Only $39.99

Publishers Praise!

Tammy has researched, and developed, a unique and necessary program for people reconsidering their careers. It combines solid tools for gaining employment, while assisting people to transform themselves, and uncover their limitless potential”

Kathy Glover Scott M.S.W. Author of Esteem! and The Successful Woman.
The Sun Will Rise Again eBook

The Sun Will Rise Again: Holding On When All Seems Lost

This anthology is more than a book, it’s a movement.

The fabulous authors woven within these pages share stories of hope and faith. These authors have come together with a shared goal of inspiring you, the reader, to have faith like you’ve never had faith before. No matter what happens, what the future brings, let this book be a reminder that the sun will rise again.

Only $3.99

eBook - Find Your Way Back To Happiness

Find Your Way Back to Happiness

Could this book be any more timely?

Find Your Way Back to Happiness brings 9 Co Authors together to discuss how to move forward during challenging times. Happiness is within your grasp, you just need to find your way!

Only $3.99

Smiling Through The Rain eBook

Smiling Through The Rain

How to Stay Strong & Build Resilience When Faced with Adversity.

When times get tough, we must dig deep, believe there’s a better tomorrow, and lean on our resilience. This book brings together 10 mental, physical, and spiritual wellness experts to share their tips, stories, and advice for how to smile through the rain.

Only $3.99

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