The Hero’s Journey

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There is a shift happening on the planet. It is as if people are beginning to wake up and they are not as willing to follow the crowd. There appears to be a movement to downsize and reclaim a part of ourselves that has been missing for quite some time.

For many there has been a yearning or longing to find something that is missing. To solve life’s puzzle in regards to why we are here, our purpose for being on this planet. The complexity of this question is often contrasted by a complacent acceptance of what has been, without the understanding that life could be different.  For many it takes a crisis to initiate the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is the “every day person’s passage”.  It was coined by an American scholar, Joseph Campbell, who used the Hero’s Journey to describe personal transformation. Through self-discovery the individual rediscovers their uniqueness. The gifts they were meant to share. Somewhere along the line these talents have been lost, forgotten, or hidden. By resurrecting these abilities and sharing them they are able to have a positive impact on humanity, the planet, or whatever sector their abilities are best suited.

A crisis is not necessary for all, however; in today’s busy and hectic world many have stopped listening to their own voice. They have stopped following their internal beacon and for many it takes an illness, the sudden loss of a job, a divorce, or the death of someone close to initiate a personal search for purpose. This crisis becomes the catalyst for change.

The process of self-discovery is a difficult challenge and it takes courage and honesty to see the process through to the end. It forces an individual to go deep inside and face the truth of who they really are. Many turn away from the challenge several times before they accept it. Others continue to turn away and never really discover their true selves. But for those who embrace the adventure, face their fears, their truths and untruths almost a rebirth occurs.

This rebirth seldom happens alone because along the way mentors and teachers appear. There is truth to the saying, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Life begins a new and it is much different than the life they have lived. There is a balance, a peace, a spiritual connection that before was absent.

The hero, excited by their discovery, is anxious to share their knowledge with others, the world, or wherever it can have the most impact. Most that have traveled this path are committed to working for the greatest and highest good of all. They want to have a positive impact on the environment around them.

Every great story is based on the Hero’s Journey. In the past we have relied on movies and books to experience the Hero’s Journey, but today, the story is found in our communities, on the news, in the boardrooms around the globe. These everyday heroes are showing others that life is a choice.

Imagine a world where every individual was able to clear their subconscious mind of lack, a feeling of unworthiness, jealousy, etc. Imagine if every individual understood that there was enough for all, that they could create, for themselves the life of their choosing. If every individual understood the reciprocal Laws of Nature and the Law of Abundance imagine how different the world would be.

As the human consciousness continues to shift you may begin to notice that you too are being beckoned, drawn into the experience.

Signs of this shift are all around you.  People, globally, are demanding change. When people are frustrated their frustration manifests through violence. Discontent is rising as people realize that our systems are supporting only a few and individuals are prepared to take action. In the early stages of waking up individuals look to try to influence outside change until they understand that the change must begin within.

As mentioned earlier, the question of purpose, drives the research stage of awakening. Self-examination fuels our desire to strip away our false image and remember who we truly are. As individuals reclaim their authenticity, their empathy increases. When they move away from scarcity and fear they are able to embrace love. This love allows them to appreciate and respect all around them.

Intuitive and psychic abilities return and confidence increases as individuals learn to trust and act on this information. Friends and acquaintances change as individuals attract those who think and act as they do, releasing the need to conform.

Finally as individuals release their negativity it is replaced with positivity. This higher frequency provides the courage and support to take life in a different direction. By editing thoughts and laser focusing intention they are replacing the “old blueprint” with new thoughts, feelings, and beliefs much like the hero on their journey. This new direction has intention built into every thought, every action, every belief, and every feeling.

This is the shift that is happening on the planet.

Where are you on your journey?

Are you feeling any of these shifts?

The transformation is happening and when you become aware it could be the greatest adventure of your life.