Animal Reiki Practitioners Channel Universal Energies

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Animals have an awareness of energy and are very receptive to the healing properties of Reiki.

The intention is for healing, for any living thing, and as a result is able to target challenged areas in priority sequence. What we may feel is an area of concern for an animal, the energy may identify an underlying more critical issue and will intuitively begin healing from this point. For example, many physical conditions are symptoms of emotional stress and Reiki energies will target the root cause, working from the inside out.

Everything in nature is made up of energy. Reiki practitioners channel the universal energies, along energetic pathways, administered through the palms of their hands. We are all connected by energy, energy has no boundaries or time restrictions, as a result is equally as effective administered in person or remotely, working from the animal’s photo, name, and location.

Domesticated animals can benefit from Reiki’s healing energies in so many ways. For example, if an animal is experiencing pain (injury or surgery) Reiki is able to speed physical recovery. Perhaps an animal is experiencing trauma (abuse, neglect, fear and mistrust) Reiki is able to facilitate emotional healing. If an animal is difficult to settle (high-strung or nervous) Reiki can assist by inducing a state of relaxation, reducing stress. Reiki is also very helpful in resolving conflicts and emotional and physical injuries between two animals that don’t seem to be accepting of one another. In extreme cases the Reiki practitioner can send healing energy to the animal’s situation rather than to the animal themselves which also can initiate change, causing a shift in the relationship with either the humans or animals in the animal’s life.

Animals in shelters who have experienced abuse, neglect, or abandonment can be difficult to adopt and there are many documented cases of shelter animals responding to the healing powers of Reiki and finding their forever home shortly afterward.

Finally, if it is an animal’s time to leave this world, Reiki can assist both the family and the animal with compassionate support during this difficult time. Reiki can only assist with the transition, it cannot prevent the exit.

Because they are sensitive to the energies, many animals are more comfortable receiving the healing from a distance and some will choose this method even if the practitioner is on site. A horse for example may move to the other side of his paddock and yet still benefit from the healing energies.

Signs that an animal is responding to Reiki can include an intense look, sighs, yawns, laying down, and sleeping. Some may even experience emotional releases in the form of displaying strong emotions and cries. On rare occasions the animals may experience what is referred to as a “healing crisis” or a “healing reaction”. It may appear that the animal’s condition has worsened rather than improved, but this is temporary as the body releases toxins or emotions that no longer serve them. Following a healing reaction animals will appear to have more energy, engagement, or responsiveness. While these reactions can appear overwhelming at times, they are an indication that healing is taking place.

The process allows energy to move at a pace that is comfortable to each animal. A regular treatment can vary from a few minutes to an hour. If dealing with an issue or crisis, it is recommended to begin with four regular treatments. These sessions can be offered daily, or several times in a week; remotely or on site. For some animals dramatic changes are witness after one or two treatments.

Reiki is complimentary to both alternative and conventional health care approaches and should never replace conventional veterinary medical care. An integrative approach to healing can support other treatment methods. Reiki works with antibiotics and other medications and can often lessens the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Regardless of the animal’s person’s beliefs they can rest assured that there is no personal or religious conflict by offering an animal the benefits of Reiki. Experiencing Reiki is the best way to evaluate this technique.