How to Select a Meaningful Gift

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The most successful way to satisfy those on your gift list to is make it all about them. My daughter is one of the best at making this happen. Over the course of the year she listens carefully to what others say and them BAM!!!! You open your gift and see something that you really wanted, that you yourself have forgotten all about. Because she pays attention to the excitement when you describe what you are looking for, your body language, etc., even if time has passed since you mentioned it….it is always bang on. That is because it is something that you really wanted. Not an extrinsic need, but an intrinsic need. It means something to you!

We are a combination of four personality types. While we have all four within us, there is usually one that is predominate. This temperament is driven by likes, values, stressors and tends to navigate the direction of our life. When purchasing gifts it is important to understand another’s makeup. Please keep in mind, for simplicity, that I have generalized my description below and these descriptors are meant to be used as a guide.

Do you have a “Sherlock Holmes” on your list? Analytical by nature they seek to understand life. They are the people who don’t like “things”. They are not interested in fluff or to accumulate objects for the sake of having them. Your Sherlock Holmes person usually has a dry wit or a sense of humour, many are drawn to a certain type of music and most prefer classical, they usually enjoy a challenge and love to learn new things. They also appreciate concepts and ideas. Most Sherlock Holmes individuals are interested in technology and prefer to interact with a computer or game rather interact in a large crowd.

Some suggested gift ideas include a magazine subscription such as Newsweek or Wired, classical concert tickets, tickets to a smart comedy show, theatre tickets; a novel with a complex plot, a science fiction book, a camera, authentic art work, a chess game, projects that involve designing models, or of course something you have heard them talk about over the previous year.

Do you have a “Goldie Hawn” on your list? They are fun to buy for because they enjoy just about anything. They have impulse to really live, crave variety and action, and they are natural entertainers. They are calculated risk takers and live in the “here and now”. They love to experience life. They are motivated by freedom and making an impact on the world around them. Usually engaging life with all of their senses, they love to play. Even if you purchase the wrong gift, they will find a way to enjoy it.

Some suggested gift ideas include restaurant certificates, theatre tickets, comedy show tickets, a ski trip, a gym membership, fun and upbeat music, leisure activities, a gym bag, a musical instrument, tickets to a sporting event, money, a tool, movie coupons, a spa day, horseback riding, a mountain bike, a rock climbing certificate, a rafting adventure, anything tangible, or of course something you have heard them talk about over the previous year.

Do you have a “Julia Childs” on your list? Driven by a need to belong, tradition, and responsibly, these are individuals who like to be of service. When choosing a gift think concrete and how the gift can be useful, honour family and tradition. They appreciate high quality gifts, kept within a practical budget. This individual has an appreciation for history, heritage, and values order and intuitions.

Some suggested gift ideas include briefcase, items that will aid in organization such as a time management system or a label maker, clocks, picture frames, family photos, a homemade gift (preserves, quilts, blanket), a gift certificate to a store they visit frequently, how to books, recipe books, genealogy books, tradition jewellery such as pearls, a brand name pen such as Cross, anything tangible, or of course something you have heard them talk about over the previous year.

And finally do you have “Princess Diana” on your list? With a core need to find meaning and significance, these individuals are heart centred. They crave harmony, peace, sincerity, and spirituality. You will often find them in the self-help section of a book store and are constantly involved in self-development. Not generally impressed by “things” your Diana’s need to know you care.

Some suggested gift ideas include something homemade, book store gift certificates, a book of motivational sayings, inspirational books and calendars, a day trip for two as they are relationship based, anything with angels including angel cards, candles, jewellery, a personal growth seminar, a spiritual retreat, dinner for two, meditation tapes, or of course something you have heard them talk about over the previous year.

When shopping this year keep the above points in mind. By following these suggestions you can increase the chance that your gift will be appreciated and not end up on next year’s “re-gifting” list.