When Tammy asked me to send her pictures of my new horse because she wanted to practice her readings on animal communication, thoughts, and feelings I was a little skeptical. A few days later I received an email from Tammy telling me over all my horse was very willing to learn and eager to please, but that her back left hoof was giving her discomfort. I began monitoring my horse and within a few days a large abscess blew out the back of her left back hoof. I was not sure whether to think of this as coincidence.

Weeks passed and my mom was talking with Tammy. She had asked how my riding was going with Harmony. My mom began to tell her, that she was being great for me but was acting up with other riders, as well, as becoming uptight in our lessons. Tammy suggested that Harmony was a one person horse. Harmony trusted me and didn’t like the way the other riders rode her. She also sensed that Harmony had almost a fear of my coach and this is why she would become uptight in my lessons. Time has passed, I have changed barns, as well as coaches and Harmony is happier than ever. She is now entering completions and enjoys doing her job. Because of Tammy’s advice, Harmony and I have become closer than ever.