S. U. T.

“I experienced a Personality Dimensions session with Tammy just a few weeks ago. I was fascinated with the process but most of all excited about the results of the session. Tammy was able to connect the dots and help me realize my strengths to a greater degree, as well as help me understand my personality type and what motivates me. Coaches often ask “why” we do what we do – well now I better understand myself and what motivates me. I better understand others and what motivates them. It has clarified for me how to recognize and acknowledge other personality types as well as those who are similar to my type. The process and results of taking Personality Dimensions with Tammy has changed the way I do things in my business, and in how I deal with others. I can now reframe information for clients in my business offering them a new perspective they understand and relate to. Thank you Tammy for offering me a whole new perspective!”