Available Packages:

3 month coach package (1 hour, twice per month)

6 month coach package (1 hour, twice per month)

8 month personal development package (1 hour, twice per month)

12 month coach package (1 hour, twice per month)

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Personalized Life Coaching

In a world that is ever changing and evolving today successful individuals are reaching for guidance in navigating their complex environments.  As a Certified Life Coach I honour that you are an expert in your life but recognize that you may be looking for support in maximizing your personal and professional potential.  I enlist a thought-provoking, creative process to inspire you to set and reach your goals.

With the support of an ongoing coaching relationship, individuals have the opportunity to expand their personal knowledge, improve their performance, apply their skills to navigate changes and attain their goals.  Do you have a desire to…

  • make a change in your life?
  • accelerate your personal results?
  • find clarity when there are choices to be made?
  • identifying your core strengths and understand how to leverage them?
  • access support in facing a challenge, reaching a personal goal or navigating an opportunity?
  • see your work and life to be simpler or less complicated?
  • self-manage more effectively?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, I encourage you to explore our services.  We offer in person coaching and distance coaching sessions by phone.

Working with a personal life coach can improve your outlook and leaderships skills.

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Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaches work towards achieving organizational goals, with a focus on the corporate team, vision, mission, values, and strategies.  Unlike personal coaching, results are measured against organizational requirements and performance.

Coaching can be offered one-on-one or in a groups.

Whether it is identifying and leveraging your team’s personality types, conflict resolution, or goal setting, organizations who incorporate coaching into their business see improvements in the area of communication, productivity, morale, and retention.

It is important to note that coaching is NOT Psychotherapy.  Coaching assists individuals who are already successful to reach a higher level of success.  In a coaching partnership, individual’s leverage their skills, strengths, and talents to achieve a greater level of satisfaction in their personal or career life.

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Are You Stuck in the Gap?

We have been conditioned to search for our happiness.  We tie it to an outside source and as a result we give away our self-worth and our self-approval.  The same repeated experiences escalate in a desperate attempt to get our attention. We refer to this as the GAP.

Living a life of purpose can incorporate many facets of your life and most individuals are heading towards fulfillment. They constantly describe happiness as that destination point down the road, a point in the far-off distance. Our culture has perpetuated the myth that fulfillment is a destination we reach after we have acquired our stuff, completed our work, or filled our bank accounts.

Corporations design mission statements to keep their company in alignment with their purpose and what they have come together to achieve, but we seldom take the time to apply this concept to our personal lives. Our society does not encourage individuals to become familiar with their value systems or understand their personal definition of fulfillment. Many individuals go through life with a feeling of discontentment, unhappiness, restlessness that could be addressed by aligning personal decisions with personal values.

The GAP begins when we make decisions based on what we think other people want us to do.  When we make decisions to please other people and when we do what we think is right for someone else. The GAP exists when we are not true to ourselves and our personal values.

The GAP is created by the distance between who we are and who we think we are.  The GAP creates stress in our lives in order to show us that the image we have of ourselves, our belief systems, our understanding of happiness, the state of the world, etc. are the dreams, beliefs, and values of someone else that we have embrace, without question, as our own.

Our mentoring programs (career and personal transformation packages) support you in understanding your core values and temperament, documentation of your skills and talents, establishing new habits and beliefs, and creating an action driven vision for your future.  Understanding yourself can lead to an appreciation of life’s journey. To learn more about our career and personal transformation packages contact me here.

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