Pay me now or pay me later. The high cost of unresolved Grief.

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In this guest blog I am sharing the wisdom of Grief Recovery Specialist, Russell Friedman, from The Grief Recovery Institute. I hope you find this blog helpful.

You might recognize the title of this article from an advertising slogan for an automotive product several years ago. The idea was that if you spend a little bit of money on maintenance now, you might save a tremendous amount of money, replacing an entire engine, later. Let’s take a look at how unresolved grief relates to this slogan.

Unresolved Grief

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later makes a perfect parallel when related to grief. In the time immediately following a loss, we have a very direct pathway to many of the events and experiences within the relationship. Some of the memories are positive and wonderful, some are painful and negative. Death and divorce both tend to trigger memories about the emotional aspects of relationships that may never have been communicated about or completed. As time elapses those memories usually recede and are more difficult to access.

In the automotive product commercial it was the absence of an effective oil filter which led to a massive build up of “crud,” which clogged and eventually destroyed the motor. Thus, buy an inexpensive filter now or buy a whole new engine later.

Lack of knowledge is the problem

A lack of knowledge and accompanying inability to grieve and complete unfinished emotions leads to a build-up of emotional “crud” around the human heart. This almost automatically tends to cause us to limit or restrict the kind of interactions that require an open, loving heart.

The tragedy in this comparison is that while we can indeed replace an automotive engine, we cannot replace the emotional heart of a human being, nor can we replace the time and connections lost while our emotional filters have been clogged.

As if this were not trouble enough, a secondary build-up occurs, in which we develop a relationship to the limitations and an identity with the pain we perceive. As humans, we are very loyal to the things we believe. In adopting this identity to pain, we can become quite unwilling to recognize it, acknowledge it, or repair it. Most likely, we will defend it against all attempts to identify it and complete it. It becomes an accidental defense against the very thing we need to do to recapture our loving hearts.

Unfortunately this combination of non-action coupled with the defense of identifying with the pain is supported by so many of the incorrect ideas we were all socialized to believe. In one of our original blogs entitled, Killer Clichés about Loss, we talked at length about false ideas like “time heals all wounds.” If you are trapped in the belief that time will heal you, then you are further limited from taking actions to discover and complete the emotional pain in your heart. It often becomes a vicious circle, with the griever waiting to feel better so they can take some action. When that doesn’t happen, they begin to believe there is something defective about them, and that they are doomed to a life of emotional pain.

Time does not heal a broken heart. The essential key to recovery is action. Not the activities of “keeping busy,” but the clearly defined actions of discovering and completing unfinished and uncommunicated emotions that clog our hearts. The actions of recovery are spelled out in The Grief Recovery Handbook, which is available in most libraries and through all on-site and online bookstores.

If there has been a significant time lag since your loss or losses occurred, do not feel discouraged. The Grief Recovery Method will still work. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to take effective actions now, not wait any longer.

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Tammy Adams loves to problem solve, inspire and motivate others who are ready and committed to change. Tammy has spent over 30 years in the field of education and as a Certified Life and Executive Coach Tammy teaches individuals to challenge and conquer their limiting beliefs and insecurities to create the life of their choosing. As a Grief Recovery Method Specialist Tammy understands that unresolved grief can limit an individual’s capacity for happiness and is gifted at supporting individuals through the pain and isolation cause by an emotional loss, of any kind, to a place of happiness they believed no longer existed. Tammy’s clients say, “Tammy helped me unpack the baggage and put a smile on my face in the process. It’s a rare quality for someone to fully listen without judgement but yet still steer you in the right direction.”

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