2018 is going to be different

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If you are like many of us you may be sensing that 2018 is going to be different. There may be an excitement around 2018 that has not been present for you in the past. The vibrational energies on the planet are higher and there is a courage energy challenging you to live your most authentic life.

A new year often symbolizes new beginnings and transformations. Exciting possibilities. Endless possibilities. While you can get swept away in the positive energies that are surrounding you, it is important to understand that change is created intentionally and wishing for something new will not bring about the change you are seeking.

In this blog I would like to help you shift your direction by discussing change, stress, and intentional creation. Why do we resist change? Where does our stress come from? How do you direct your intention?

One of the biggest challenges for you in this modern day world is that you are trying to live in a constantly changing environment from your old caveman brain. You are unaware you have brought this blueprint for life from your ancestral caveman days when you were programmed to look for what was familiar. Familiar meant safety and safety meant survival and anything different was viewed as a threat or dangerous.

Every time you attempt to step out of your comfort zone. Your familiar zone. Your subconscious mind sends off a signal to your body that this change is dangerous. In an attempt to maintain the status quo your mind continues to remind you of experiences, emotions, and stories that will scare you into staying exactly where you are. As far as your subconscious mind is concerned, change is not only dangerous, but is a threat to your very existence.

I believe that your stress, for the most part, comes from the gap you have created between who you are authentically and who you are trying to be in order to fit in. Yes, to fit in. This is also an antiquated program from your caveman days. A lone caveman was usually a dead caveman and so it was very important for your ancestors to track back to the familiar. Did you know that human beings will compromise their values and beliefs for the acceptance of those in their community or inner circle?

The blueprint for your current life has been designed by your parents, your teachers, your government, your television, the books you read, etc. Your subconscious mind is very busy. It has so many tasks to complete on a daily basis that once it has found a solution to a challenge, or a way of being in a situation, it simply creates a file or a program that continues to be repeated over time. We live our lives, repeating the same experience from memory, totally unaware our subconscious mind is dictating our experiences, unless we consciously choose something different.

We are also living in a society that is dominated by stress and anxiety. Stress is on the rise and I believe much of that stress comes from the suppression of our emotions and a disconnection from our surroundings. Our bodies were never meant to store our emotions but rather were designed to process them. Expressing our emotions is normal and natural but we have been taught to bury our feelings, to distract ourselves from experiencing, sharing, or relating to our emotions. As a result we are constantly reacting rather than responding to our surroundings.

Much like change these suppressed, unresolved emotions, can be viewed as a threat and can leave us feeling anxious and unsettled. Your suppressed experiences keep your energy systems blocked and your body remains in a constant state of fight or flight. It takes a lot of energy, much like holding a beach ball under the water, to suppress your emotions and as a result your stress can drain your entire energy systems. This is your body’s way of trying to get your attention to tell you that something is off and needs a correction.

For creation to be intentional you must recognize that your life is being run, on autopilot, by your subconscious mind. You must also accept it is your responsibility to delete old programs and create new operating systems. You have been conditioned to look outside of yourself for the solution. You have been taught to look for a quick and painless solution.

Change is the result of a few very simple things. That is why you must be intentional in what you want to see in your life.

1. In order for change to happen you must first be aware that you want your life to be different.
2. You must choose to step away from what is familiar and be clear and focused on what you would like instead of what you currently are experiencing.
3. It is important to know that your successes and failures have already been determined by your subconscious mind and so you must intentionally override your limiting beliefs. You must push through what you think is impossible and substitute those thoughts with what is possible.
4. You must be committed and intentionally repeat small, correct steps repetitively daily. Your current life was not created overnight and the change you seek will take time.
5. You must see the change you seek in your mind’s eye clearly as if it has already happened.
6. You must infuse this image with emotion and feeling.
7. The how your intention happens is not important. The only thing that is important is a burning desire for what you see in your future.
8. You must believe that you deserve this success.
9. You must relax and accept that it has already happened.
10. You must stop periodically and observe and celebrate the successes you have achieved. Focusing on the distance between where you are and where you would like to be can be daunting and it is imperative to your success to recognize the small achievements along the way.

If you have the courage to remain committed to the change you seek, if you are focused and belief with all of your heart that this has already happened your subconscious mind will have no choice but to manifest this change into your reality. The science of physics supports that what we think about grows.

2018 has the potential to deliver your desires.

Do you believe that anything is possible in this coming year?

Are you able to let yourself dream a bigger dream than ever before?

This is YOUR year to be optimistic, focused, and the architect of your future.

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Tammy Adams
Life/Executive Coach