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shutterstock_138455027asadandpensiveThere is a shift happening and for those personalities that are resistant to change by nature this can be a challenging time for you.

For some there is fear. Others may be sensing a feeling of gloom, doom, or even impending disaster. For others there is an excitement that something wonderful is about to happen and they eagerly await the event.

What does it all mean?

These feelings can be your invitation, your prodding to connect with who you really are. What is was you came here to do. To rediscover and reconnect with your passion and go forth into a world that is desperate for change.

Dr. Kate states, “These sensations seem ‘real’ and at the same time, they raise questions about whether they are intuitive senses of something about to happen, or are they sensations that are being read as ‘false positives’ because they represent information coming in that we simply have not activated the capacity to clearly understand as yet.”

As our collective energy rises, our awareness expands. As we move away from our fear based opinions and judgements we will lose our defensiveness, our need to hold onto our vision of “what we think we know to be true”.

To quote the movie Shrek, “Change is good Donkey”.

Our subconscious mind works minute by minute to keep us safe, protect us from what it perceives to be danger. Human beings are programed to focus on the negative as a survival technique. As we have evolved as humans we have never released our caveman instincts that once kept us safe. Many of the fears we face today are imaginary rather than real and have imprinted themselves so deep in our subconscious that we are no longer consciously aware they exist.

This energetic shift is on a level that we, as humans, have not experience before. It is a time when our “stuff” will present itself for clearing. It is a time to release and let go of what we no longer need and this can be from a material level as well as an emotional level.

If we ignore this opportunity to move forward circumstances will present themselves to allow this clearing to take place – if and only if – we are able to let go.

It will be natural to react to these changes one of two ways. The first may be to run away, to escape. The second will be to embrace the change and do your best to go with the flow.

I am feeling it too. I have a new level of hope, coupled with cautious optimism. Over the past year I have experience a tremendous amount of change. As I move through the shift friends and healers continue to appear to assist me on my journey.

I have recently completed the Master Key Mastermind Alliance program and I am training to be a guide to support others on their journey of self discovery, within the Master Key Experience. I have also worked with two amazing healers. Angelika Baum CHt from Greendoor Relaxation in Mississauga, ON and Barbara Ptak from Wellness Balancing. Each has provided guidance and techniques to move me effortlessly on my way. I am so grateful to all.

One of the best ways to navigate this change to sit daily, for approximately 15 minutes, and listen to the voice within. Your innate knowledge is hidden here, within, and if you are able to step away from the distractions in your life for even this small amount of time you may be surprised what surfaces.

12balanceAccess Bars, Reiki, and The One Command are other tools that can assist you as you witness what is unfolding. Achieving different results requires doing different things and a Life Coach may also help you along your path.

Many individuals will not consider change until the fear of remaining outweighs the fear of change. Coaches assist individuals in navigating the change. It is important to understand that coaching does not remove barriers but rather supports individuals in navigating the challenges of the change process. Thought provoking questions, aligning with a new perspective, identifying values and personal motivators, can allow an individual to access inner resources they never knew existed.

The one thing that I know for sure is that life is not static. The universe continues to shift, change, and adapt. My intuitive senses are leading me to believe that this is an exciting time to be alive. I AM choosing to look forward to what is coming.

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