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Dr. Katie Garnett, PhD, MPH has incorporated her many years of global corporate training experience (Fortune 500 companies) into the development of The One Command Circle program. Dr. Katie has integrated her knowledge of quantum physics of body-mind healing and life transformation with The One Command in relation to human potentiality. I completed my One Command training with Dr. Katie and have been successfully facilitating One Command Circles for several months now.

Physics has proven that our thoughts and strongly held beliefs shape our reality. Spirituality dictates that by connecting with our inner selves, we connect to the universal source that allows us to co-create the life of our dreams. This is why it is so important to keep our daily thoughts in check and work to clear the self-limiting beliefs that are deeply rooted in our subconscious. Clearing the gateway to receive is our responsibility and The One Command provides an effective tool for opening the pathway to receive.

How does The One Command work with other healing techniques and disciplines?

In Dr. Katie’s own words;

I received a lot of questions this month about the healing disciplines I have learned around the world over the decades. And the follow-up question was usually – do you still use all the training you have received?

There are so many disciplines, healing techniques and life-changing systems that I have learned over the years, from psychology to behavioral kinesiology, healing touch, NLP, Kintsukuroi, Ho’o’ponopono, acupressure, Reiki, distant healing, hypnosis and past-life regression, and so many more, culminating with the practice of The One Command. I am often asked, do you still use the other things you have learned?

The One Command is my inner circle and all the other skills and learnings are incredibly useful satellites. For example, while living in Hawaii I was fortunate to learn Ho’o’ponopono from Kahuna La’pa’au Morrnah Simeona and her colleague, Dr. Stanley Hew Len Ihaleakala. Ho’o’ponopono is a very powerful and valuable process and it fits quite nicely with The One Command.

We have the opportunity to learn so many things in our lives, from our parents and family, from our friends and classmates, from our teachers, and from those people who come into our lives with teachings that are truly life changing.

If it is accurate that nothing is ever lost – only transformed – then everything we learn has a certain value in our growth process.  I am very grateful for all that I have l been exposed to in life, all the friends I have made and all the experiences I have had (no matter how they appeared at the time – the good, the bad, the ugly).  They have all added value to my life.”

I also have several clearing techniques to assist individuals in being open to receive. In addition to The One Command I also access Ho’oponopono, Access Bars, and Reiki (hands on and remotely). Personality Dimensions is also an effective tool to assist individuals in understanding and articulating their core values, innate talents, and motivators. Having permission to open up to who we really are is a freeing process. In fact we are only limited by our reluctance to release what we no longer need. Moving forward, experiencing life differently, more freely and easily is a choice. Teachers will appear when the student is ready.

Today I ask you to reflect on the following question.

Are you happy with your life?

If so, would you be open to enhancing this positive experience?

If not, are you open to clearing the negative programs that are preventing you from experiencing something different?

Remember, the choice is yours.

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