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There are a few rules to blogging that bloggers try to adhere to. The most important are to target timely and relevant issues that share with readers who you are and what you stand for.

Living life from a spiritual perspective also has rules that individuals try to adhere to. The Law of Growth, The Law of Subconscious, and The Law of Dual Thought. And finally the ancient healing technique of Ho’oponopono supports the Law of Forgiveness and raising vibrational energies.

I will now attempt to bring all of these together. As a brief disclaimer, this is an animal blog which is why my thoughts are centred on animals and does not discount the effects of similar situations on humans.

Timely and Relevant Issues

If I were to select a timely animal topic it would most likely be the killing of Cecil the Lion. A trophy hunter’s intentional luring of a protected animal off the preserve for the sole purpose of killing him, simply because he could, has outraged many. But for me this goes beyond the lion for there are many other animals that are killed as trophies including giraffes, tigers, etc. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not against hunting if it is humane, respectful, and fulfills the need for food, clothing, etc.

Currently there exist massive slaughters of whales, sharks, dolphins. Not all, but many, are corralled and executed in large numbers. Wolves go in and out of fashion; however there are currently several kill orders issued to once again exterminate wolves from areas in both Canada and the United States.

Factory farms never allow animals to feel the earth below their feet or the sun on their backs. Confinement agriculture houses mother pigs in cages where they are unable to move, veal calves have a limited and painful existence, chickens have their beak removed in order to increase the speed of their growth and geese are force fed to almost the point of busting. In some countries, hundreds of pets are stolen from their homes and tortured prior to death.

There are so many other circumstances that could be mentioned such as research labs, circuses, and marine parks. The list goes on and on.

The Law of Subconscious and The Law of Growth

Universal Laws are operating every day and The Law of Growth and The Law of Subconscious provide me a huge challenge as I try to address the humane and ethical treatment of animals. My conflict comes from an internal place of wanting to put an end to these practices, to help others to understand that if we feel the need to eat animals then they deserve respect and gentle care in life and in death. That circus and marine animals are stressed by their confinement. I am conflicted with an understanding of the Law of Subconscious (as soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it works constantly to manifest the demand) and The Law of Growth (what I think about grows and what I turn my attention away from atrophies). My challenge is how do I bring attention to an animal`s right to humane treatment without manifesting more of what I do not want simply by noticing it and talking about it.

Ho’oponopono and The Law of Forgiveness

I traveled to Quebec to learn the Hawaiian Healing Technique of Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono believes that while I may not have instigated the cause, once I have noticed something and brought awareness into my life, it is my responsibility to own it and clean it (clear it) from my energy field.

The Law of Forgiveness requires that I forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. Forgiveness does not condone the actions of another, justified or not, but it removes the energy attached to the actions. Forgiveness moves me from fear to love. And if there is something that I cannot forgive, I forgive myself for that as well.

The Law of Dual Thought

My mind can only hold one thought at a time and the most effect way to shift the energy is to think of the opposite. Positive thoughts have a higher vibration than negative thoughts and therefore provide me with my most effective way of changing an observed behaviour.

For example when I see images on Twitter, Facebook, the news, etc. where animals are being abused and mistreated I quickly recite the words of Ho’oponopono (which has me repeating these four lines several times a day) and then I substitute what I wish to see. I see dairy cows frolicking in green pastures, whales and dolphins jumping and racing through their ocean home, chickens walking about freely as they peck the ground, etc.

By shifting my thoughts, laced with positive emotions, I raise my energy. Ho’oponopono works with me to shift the consciousness. By making a conscious decision to choose love over fear I allow The Law of Growth and The Law of Subconscious to bring more of what I am seeking to manifest and if others join me, we can increase the chance for change.

Focused Intention

Thoughts are far more powerful than we have ever been lead to believe. Keeping them in check twenty four hours a day is our job. What we focus on multiplies. When I slip I remember how Mother Theresa lived her life. She was always clear on what she was choosing to manifest.   If she was asked to march against war she would decline. She did not choose to give any energy to anger and fighting. On the other hand she was the first to join a march for peace, for the same reason.

Change begins with awareness, a consciousness that what I focus my attention on multiplies. With this understanding I am choosing to implement change by creating awareness. A mindfullness that we are living in a time when animals have been objectified, a numbers game, with a major disconnect.

I am asking that through this awareness we realize a world where animals no longer are treated as second class citizens (or less) , but rather seen as the magnificent creates they are. If they are in a life of service (in whatever capacity that may be) their lives should be enriched with love, kindness, and respect. Their passing should be peaceful and pain free; always with a purpose.

Consciousness can shift our energetic vibration. Together we can help to raise the energetic vibration around animal abuse by applying the Law of Subconscious, The Law of Growth, Ho’oponopono, The Law of Forgiveness, and The Law of Dual Thought.

Recite Ho’oponopono (I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you) and then replace the image with one that is opposite. Hold that image clearly in your mind, fueled by positive emotions. The Law of Subconscious and The Law of Growth will multiple this positive images. Imagine the power if we applied this daily. Finally, forgive. Forgiveness is very powerful.

Individually, in our own lives, we should never treat animals as less.

Just because we can is a choice.







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