Nature Will Reclaim Itself

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Nature operates best when it is harmony. Harmony that dictates a give and take, and ebb and flow to the surrounding life force. When forced out of balance, nature intuitively begins seeking a way to restore balance and harmony.

In MacKerricher State Park, CA there is a protected area called Glass Beach. The beach gets its name because of the rainbow coloured glass pebbles that cover the shore. But it wasn’t always like this. In 1949 this piece of land was used as an unrestricted dump. For 18 years local residents threw their garbage off the ocean cliffs. Eventually this practice was stopped and the trash at the bottom of the cliff was forgotten.

Given the chance, nature will reclaim itself and Glass Beach demonstrates that in this case nature was up to the challenge. For 30 years the environment shifted and moved the shards of glass eventually revealing what is present today. Instead of sand there lay beautifully polished pieces of glass.

Humans are driven by the same need for balance and harmony. While we regularly are given the opportunity to reclaim our true selves we are slower to recognize the opportunity to become something more.

Distracted by our busy lives, surrounded by technology, we fail to realize that we have fallen out of balance. Numbed by work and the many forms of entertainment it usually takes a crisis for many of us to receive the message.

Unlike nature, we hear can the call for change several times before we actually listen. We head down the same wrong path repeatedly, unaware that we have a choice. But over time, much like the glass on the beach, our sharp edges are worn away. By doing the hard mental and physical work we are able to hear our own voice, change course, and follow our life path.

We are truly enlightened when we understand that balance and harmony go beyond ourselves. In order to really be in balance we must realize our connection to nature. We must see that we are all connected and that our collective survival is dependent upon the harmony of all. When we remember that we are one with nature, respect her and work in cooperation, rather than in competition, we will together share the planet in a harmonious and reciprocal manner.



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