How Wolves Change Rivers

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For centuries wolves have been depicted as evil. Wolves are presented as creatures to be feared, to be avoided, to be killed. Fairy tales paint a terrifying picture of an animal that makes young children shudder.

When I was a teenage girl I read a book, The Wolf King, written by Joseph Lippincott. Lippincott’s writing style was magical. It drew me into the story as I followed the life of a black wolf pup from his birth to his eventual reign over the rugged Alberta frontier. Embraced by the story I felt as if I were experiencing the adventure myself.

As a child who never enjoyed reading I was captivated by Lippincott’s story. The book instilled in me a respect for the wolf, for their social structures, for their intelligence, and for their undeniable role in the natural hierarchy of the wilderness. The vision Lippincott created has followed me my entire life and I am not alone. Others who have read Lippincott’s books, especially The Wolf King and its sequel The Wilderness Champion, agree these classics have also followed them into adulthood.

I am saddened and troubled today to hear of all the wolf culls being order across North America. Once again humans are doing their best to eradicate these magnificent creatures. It is my hope that the video, How Wolves Change Rivers, will demonstrate that wolves are far from evil but rather play a valuable role in our eco system.

The lesson that man has yet to learn is that nature will find its own balance if we can only stay out of its way. Every creature on this earth has a role to play in keeping this balance. Please add your voice to the many petitions pleading with governments across the country (Canada and the United States) to stop the culls and let nature find its own solution.


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